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URGENT: Object to development in the Honor Oak Nature Corridor

Say "NO NEW BURIAL" on Area B Southwark has applied to build 1,022 burial plots on 3 acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor next to Honor Oak Park Station. 1. OBJECT here on Southwark's Planning Register Essential you must state: I object to Southwark Council's planning...

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Residents fight Southwark digging up the dead

It all seemed so easy. Inner city cemeteries are full. Allow cemetery owners to dig up the dead and reuse their graves and the inner city burial shortage would be solved.   Just one little problem, or two, or three... Residents don’t want their loved ones dug up....

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Austerity-Strapped Southwark Blowing Millions on Burial Plots

Southwark Council is spending public money on its burial service like there’s no tomorrow. Southwark Council’s 2017-18 budget will slash social care, children’s services and other services by more than £25M. Southwark is also planning a Council Tax rise of 5%,...

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Muslims excluded from burial in Southwark Cemeteries

Southwark Council does not provide burial space for its Orthodox Muslim and Jewish residents, while using their taxes to subsidise burial for residents of other faiths. Orthodox Muslims and Jews make up less than ten percent of Southwark residents - but are more than...

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Southwark cannot say current burial design won’t flood homes

At a Cemetery Stakeholder Group meeting this week, Southwark Councillors admitted they had cut down hundreds of trees without knowing whether the ground could absorb rain and surface water. They also could not guarantee that burial plans as they stand and as approved...

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