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A year of saving Southwark Woods – Southwark’s rapacious chainsaws now due this January

24 December 2015

Dear Friends of Southwark Woods,

This is to say thank you for all your support this year.

10,000 people have come together to save the 100 acres of woods, graves and history at Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries from Southwark Council’s rapacious chainsaws, excavators and cement mixers.

As Lewis Schaffer said “One day, cutting a tree will be like shooting a lion or elephant.” Unthinkable. Ecocide. Environmental crime.

Acres of woods were to be felled by Southwark Council last January. They are still there – for the moment.

A year saving Southwark Woods to share its incredible natural beauty and bounty with us – oak, ash, sycamore, silver birch and hornbeam, birds, bats, butterflies and bees in abundance that enrich all our lives.

The Angel of Camberwell Old Cemetery
The Angel of Camberwell Old Cemetery

A year fighting Southwark Council to preserve and protect the social history of the thousands of old graves they want to destroy for new burial plots.

A year fighting a Council for the bleeding obvious – to protect, preserve and extend the beauty and natural benefits of these wonderful woods.

Southwark’s chainsaws are due this January 2016.

But 10,000 people are with us and we will go on fighting to protect and rewild Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries as a 100 Acre Wood in the heart of London – to extend the benefits we receive from these living wild woods breathing life into our polluted and ever denser city.

Without you it would not be possible. With you, we can achieve anything. A 100 Acre Wood – for nature, for people and for the future.

Save Southwark Woods!

Blanche Cameron

for Save Southwark Woods