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2.00am: Sunday 25th June: This event has been postponed out of respect for the families attending Southwark Council's families memorial service today, 3pm at the Crematorium, which Southwark just informed us of 48 hours ago. We will be rescheduling the protest soon.


Loved Ones' Grave Robbery Event

2pm Sunday 25th June 2017


Do you have family or friends buried in Camberwell Old or New Cemeteries? Do you know their graves may be at risk?


Contact us if you have relatives or friends buried here:


Meet 2pm Sunday 25th June

Camberwell New Cemetery Gates

Brenchley Gardens SE23 3RD


Families and friends with loved ones buried in Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries will gather on Sunday 25th June to meet each other, share information and protest Southwark’s plans to mound over or dig up the graves of their loved ones.


We will walk through the cemeteries to visit loved ones' graves.


Southwark Council’s Grave Robber Leader Peter John decided long ago in 2012 to dig up the dead to sell off ‘new’ burial plots - without any specific consultation of families - let alone asking their permission.


This includes families with relatives buried in First and Second World War Commonwealth War Graves - who were not informed of recent plans to develop burial areas over their graves.


Most graves in Camberwell Old or New Cemetery in East Dulwich and Honor Oak are at risk - and families are furious.


Southwark has already scraped away hundreds of memorials and is clearing woods to sell burial over thousands of graves, to buy time while asking Parliamen's permission to dig up the dead.


The demo on 25th June is to show Southwark Council that families are against their plans.


A 2007 law allowed London cemetery owners to ask the public’s permission to dig up the dead, so-called ‘re-use’.  


But it is not an automatic right - families must be genuinely consulted and allowed to say no.


Southwark recently put off consulting families for another two years because know relatives detest Southwark’s horrific and greedy plans.


Southwark is the test case for London but all UK cemeteries are at risk as the burial industry unsurprisingly is lobbying hard for all graves to be dug up and resold.


Betrayal of the families and destruction of their history, heritage and memorials is yet another reason why Southwark is unfit to run a burial service.


FOCC is fighting to save the Camberwell Cemeteries as nature reserves with respect for the dead and woods and nature for the living.

EVENT: Families and Friends Protest Southwark's Grave Robbery

2pm Sunday 25th June 2017, Camberwell New Cemetery, Brenchley Gardens SE23 3RD    |    |    @southwarkwoods    |    Facebook Page Save Southwark Woods


Rose Ives and mum Tina Kirby by the public grave of relatives at the Glade on One Tree HIll where dozens of graves are to be paved over for an access road.


Below: Hundreds of 'new' burial plots over mass graveyards of tens of thousands of poor Londoners


Bottom: Area Z Camberwell Old Cemetery - two acres of woods in a Grade 1 SINC clear-felled for more 'new' burial plots over tens of thousands of graves

BURIAL OVER THE DEAD ON WOODVALE CAMBERWELL OLD CE Camberwell Old Cemetery glade due to be felled for burial plots over thousands graves

Below: The last 10 acres of woods in Camberwell Old Cemetery Grade 1 SINC - Southwark intends to fell acres of woods over public graves - despite no woodland management plan, no application to the Diocese for permission and a unanimous vote by the Burial Stakeholder Group for no further felling.