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- Digging up poor graves


- Selling burial over the dead and not telling


- Discrimination against Muslim residents


- Southwark does not care about the poor



First Southwark Council turfed the people from their estates and sold the land off to developers.


Now, the Labour-led Council is selling off the family graves of Southwark's poor.


Memorials of poor graves cleared, to sell as 'new' private burial plots


As we write, Southwark are scraping away hundreds of memorials to the dead and mounding over thousands of graves in Southwark’s Council-owned cemeteries - to resell as ‘new’ private burial plots over their remains.


Southwark are applying to Parliament and intend to start digging up the dead poor - public, common and paupers' graves - as soon as possible, for resale.


Council Leader Peter John and Southwark would surely have preferred to build New York-style apartment blocks on the Camberwell Cemeteries for sale offshore in Hong Kong or Dubai if they could.


But since they can’t, they have to get money from our worthless nature and heritage assets somehow.


Families say 'no' digging up the dead


A new law was quietly passed in 2007 allowing London cemetery owners to ‘re-use’ graves. Southwark are now preparing to dig up the graves of the dead poor.


And local MP Harriet Harman, and Southwark’s other Labour MPs Helen Hayes and Neil Coyle all support the sell-off of Londoners' graves. In fact, Harriet Harman, the cemeteries' MP, championed the law through Parliament.


But the rich are treated differently in Southwark. If your great-grandad had the money for a lovely memorial with an angel on it, your family’s grave is probably safe.  In Southwark, only the rich are allowed ancestors.


Discrimination against most Muslim residents


It gets worse: Southwark’s burial provision discriminates against the vast majority of Muslim and Jewish residents - up to half of residents for whom burial is the only option, and who are also some of Southwark's poorest residents.


Most cannot be buried over the dead and are forced to pay private for burial outside the borough.


Burying people over the dead without telling them


The final nail in the coffin is that the Council is selling off the graves to people who can’t or don’t want to be buried in a second hand grave over the dead - without telling the new buyer.


Southwark will say there is a burial space shortage. But most inner London boroughs provide burial outside their boroughs.


Southwark will claim these are graves for local people - but are selling them to anyone who can afford it, and they are unfit for most Muslim residents.


Southwark will say they care about the 99% - but haven’t even consulted them on digging up their families' graves.


Thousands of residents are telling Southwark to stop their development - graves sold off forever, acres of woods cut down to get at them.


The Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries are calling Southwark to leave the graves of the poor alone and make the cemeteries nature reserves to protect the past and provide nature for the future.

Alive or dead, the poor are mistreated by Southwark Council - met with confiscation, discrimination and disrespect

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Below: Rose Ives and mum Tina Kirby by Rose's nan's public grave in Camberwell New Cemetery up on One Tree Hill


Centre: Who is driving the destruction? Southwark Council Leader Peter John, and Southwark's MPs Harriet Harman, Helen Hayes and Labour Party persona non grata Neil Coyle


Bottom: Two acres, tens of thousands of graves, a mass graveyard of London's poor - memorials and woods in Camberwell Old Cemetery being cleared for sell-off for 'new' private burial plots over their remains