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Area Z Faculty Application Pack, COC


Faculty application to clear 2 acres of woods, hundreds of trees, and mound over the graves of 48,000 Londoners, including 6 areas of Commonwealth War Graves and numerous private graves, for 740 'new' burial plots. NB. The trees were felled without Church permission.


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Faculty Applications to the Diocese of Southwark

by Southwark Council


Area D1 Faculty Application Pack, CNC


Faculty application to build a road up the 1:7 historic wooded hillside of One Tree Hill in Camberwell New Cemetery and fell up to 60 native broadleaf woodand trees for less than 9 months' of burial on virgin Metropolitan Open Land next to One Tree Hill Nature Reserve.


Download PDF of Area D1 Faculty Application:







Download SSW's objections to Southwark Council's application

SOUTHWARK'S AREA D1 Faculty Application

As much of the woodland and graves that the Council want to redevelop are on consecrated ground, they must ask for and receive the Curch of England's permission.


This includes permission to fell trees over 75mm girth when measured at 1.5m height, disturb or mound over graves, build roads and so on.


Southwark Council applied for Faculty or permission in January 2016.


Then without waiting for the Church to grant or deny permission, went ahead without it and felled two acres of woodland in a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation across both consecrated and unconsecrated land.

The Church planning process requires public consultation, like civil planning law, to allow people to object.


The Diocese received an 'unprecedented' 800 objections to the Council's plans.


So the Diocese is to hold a hearing in the Consistory Court into Southwark Council's controversial applications in mid 2016.


The Diocese warned Southwark Council that they proceed without permission 'at their own risk'. But Peter John's Southwark is defiant - 2 acres of woods have been felled. 'So sue me' seems to be their attitude.


Save Southwark Woods has entered as a formal party to the proceedings and will present objections at the hearing.