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Dear Friends,


Thank you for all your amazing support this year, it's really appreciated - we couldn't keep fighting without you!


Southwark Council have just agreed to provide technical support to value the woods and nature of the Camberwell Cemeteries.


So to celebrate we're having a FOCC solstice social: 7.00pm Tuesday 20th December at the Herne Tavern, 2 Forest Hill Road SE22 0RR. All welcome, hope to see you there.


In 2016, while thousands suffered London's toxic air and the UK reported 40% of our biodiversity has been lost, Southwark Council cut down two acres of beautiful woods, hundreds of trees at Camberwell Old Cemetery.  


This to sell 700 inner city burial plots over the graves of 48,000 people already buried there.


In early 2017, Southwark Council plans to cut down as many as 60 trees on One Tree Hill for 145 burial plots - although Southwark's own independent barrister says it's a bad project, a 'mere stop gap'.


Then, Southwark's horrific goal: scraping the cemeteries 'clean' of headstones and memorials, digging up thousands of people's remains to sell off their graves as 'new' burial plots. Read the Private Eye article.


This time last year, Southwark Councillors were still denying their plans adopted in 2012, to dig up the dead of the Camberwell Cemeteries.


In 2018, there are local elections. Tell your Southwark Ward Councillors to stop the destruction of people's history and nature.


The Camberwell Cemeteries must be protected and made 100 acres of Memorial Park Nature Reserves, with respect for the dead, their graves and memorials, and woods, allotments, playing fields and green spaces for the living.


Please sign and share the 38 Degrees petition.

Thank you if you have already.


We hope to see you next Tuesday 20th December at the Herne Tavern. But either way, thanks again for your support, and have a great Christmas and New Year. We fight on!


Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries


Christmas Solstice Social and 2016 Round-up

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Christmas social: See you at the Herne Tavern, 7.00pm Tuesday 20th December!